WELCOME to the 8 Keys to Stress Management Website! This site is designed to supplement and enrich your experience with the book 8 Keys to Stress Management, and will offer ongoing supportive resources. This book and the resources that go with it are the tools that can help you to not just survive the stressors you face, but thrive while doing so. In the book, you will discover research-backed information and tools for stress management. On this site, you will find supplemental downloads and activities to support you as you move through they 8 Keys, including meditations, worksheets, and workshops (in the "Downloads and Events" section).

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One of the most encouraging aspects of stress management is that it builds on itself—a small step in the right direction can make subsequent steps easier to take. I'm here to help you on the journey. I encourage you to use what you find in the book and on this site to the fullest, and move toward your healthiest, happiest life.

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