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Stress management shouldn’t be stressful! People today are dealing with stressors that are greater in number and severity than in the past several decades, or even in recent years. Chronic stress takes a heavy toll on physical and emotional wellbeing, and it can be difficult to know where to even begin to manage it. 8 Keys to Stress Management provides simple and effective solutions for those who have only a few minutes for stress relief, as well as for those who are ready for more lasting and significant lifestyle changes. In this easy-to-grasp, research-based book, Elizabeth Anne Scott draws from multiple branches of psychology to share current information about the effects of stress as well as the most powerful techniques to manage it.

Through this book, Elizabeth provides a clear and thorough explanation of how stress affects us physically, emotionally, and practically. She explains how excessive stress can create a downward spiral in our lives, and how to reverse this trend. Drawing upon her training in psychology, counseling, and wellness coaching, Scott also provides 8 practical, research-backed tactics-8 keys-to combat stress. These keys can be used independently or all together to create a personalized, highly effective stress management plan that fits the needs of any reader. Each chapter thoroughly explains one of these keys, describes how it can be used to manage stress, and supplies a variety of proven exercises and strategies for putting the key into practice. Exploration questions and action steps are also provided to enable readers to personalize what they read and move into action, wherever they are in their lives.

What makes this resource unique, and part of what has made http://stress.about.com a very popular website for years, is the focused, actionable, and multi-disciplinary approach. You'll find information and activities from the perspectives of general psychology, family systems theory, positive psychology, health psychology, and coaching. This combination provides a multi-layered framework for understanding stress and approaching stress management that is unique, motivating, action-oriented. The strength of this book is that it provides a deep understanding of stress, as well as simple and actionable steps for stress management in a quick-to-read format. This allows busy people to quickly gain a clear understanding of stress, and effectively find relief from it, focusing on long-term maintenance, overall wellness, and even increased happiness in the process.

No matter who you are or what level of stress you are experiencing, you can use this book to gain a clearer understanding of that stress and start feeling better right away. You can then work at your own pace to create lasting habits that bring increased long-term resilience toward stress. With the help of 8 Keys to Stress Management, by Elizabeth Anne Scott, you'll have a simple guide on how to create a lifestyle and mindset that include less stress, and support a greater level of wellness.

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